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Adam's Foam Cannon & Snub Nose Combo - Sudsy Car Wash & Car Detailing Pressure Washer Tool

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  •  THICK LAYER OF FOAM - Adam’s Red Foam Cannon combines pressurized water and car wash soap to create a thick layer of foam. Featuring an adjustable intake valve that controls how much snow foam you’d like to produce, this creates a blanket of foam at a safe level of lubricity on the surface. The more suds you put between your hand, wash pad, wash sponge or wash mitt and your finish, the lesser chance you have of leaving any micro-scratches behind. Requires a pressure washer (not included).
  • SNUB NOSE QUICK CONNECT ATTACHMENT - The Adam's Pressure Washer Spray Gun attachment fits any pressure washer with a 3/8" quick disconnect fitting. This Snub Nose Pressure Washer Attachment is not compatible with all pressure washers - some additional hardware may be necessary for your specific brand of the pressure washer, sold separately.
  • A DETAILING NECESSITY - We have our favorite products and go-to chemicals in the garage, and most are based on personal opinion - The Foam Lance is simply a tool every detailing enthusiast should have! Not only does it bring your washing experience to the 21st century with new pressurized technology, but it significantly reduces your wash time by bathing your car in soap before you touch it with a car wash pad, wash sponge, or car wash mitt!
  • HOLDS OVER 32 OUNCES OF LIQUID - Adam’s Foam Cannon holds almost 35 ounces of liquid to help elevate your detailing experience. With a powerful foam nozzle and adjustable spray pattern, you can change from a jet stream to a huge fan pattern in seconds! We recommend a minimum of 870 psi and 1.3 GPM for minimum performance with your pressure washer.