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AMPLOCK U-BRP2516 RV/Trailer Coupler Lock (fits 2 5/16 inches Coupler)

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Protect your trailer or caravan (RV) with the best coupler lock, AMPLOCK’s exclusive locks are the most durable and reliable on the market today. Our various models are mold to fit the specific shape of your trailer coupler when unhitched, so your AMPLOCK lock is the perfect theft deterrent.
  • Molded to fit the specific shape of your trailer or Caravan (RV) 2 5/16 inches coupler when unhitched
  • Materials used by AMPLOCK provide good rust resistance for use in all climates
  • Easy to use with AMPLOCK’s push and lock system
  • The strongest lock to secure your trailer or caravan (RV) made with high quality materials and control and identification key system

High Security Trailer Lock with Patented Mechanism

  • Patented mechanism with our 2 parts lock
  • Cylinder Lock location makes it difficult to access for thief's
  • Swivel design to prevent vehicle traction when locked
  • Made of American (USA) materials

Heavy Duty Lock made of Stainless Steel and Ducted Cast Iron

  • Mass of material of 12 pounds heavy that slow down all cutting type attempt
  • Material absorb shock instead of breaking, the lock will fold/bump after impact
  • Resist to torch cut and liquid nitrogen
  • Better corrosion resistance

High Quality Cylinder Lock

  • Unpickable cylinder lock
  • Rotative face to prevent drilling
  • Potential of millions of key combinations (unique code for each customer)
  • Opportunity to have additional keys or lock keyed alike

2 5/16'' Trailer Coupler Lock

  • Moulded to fit on these specific 2 5/16'' trailer couplers only
  • The perfect fit to decrease any hold that thieves can use
  • Tight fit that secure access to the coupler
  • Perfect protection when trailer is unhitched

Easy Installation

  • Push and Lock cylinder lock for an easy, quick and effective use
  • Mechanical lock
  • Simple to use
  • Additional treatment as e-coat and electrostatic paint