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Foam Lance Washer, Car Auto Tornado Interior Cleaning Equipment High Pressure Washing Gun

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  • Foamer- The bottle that comes with the washing machine can be filled with 1000cc of cleaning liquid, making the soft and fluffy snowflake foam interesting and practical. It is easy to use the washing machine to have a professional machine foam spray effect.
  • Connectable pressurizer- This product has been carefully designed to be easily connected directly. It is an excellent matching accessory for high-pressure cleaners. It can be used to clean car interiors, wash wool, leather car interiors, motorcycles, mechanical equipment, and floors. , Walls, etc.
  • Unique design- The foam cleaning machine is manufactured according to strict standards and adopts a new type of tornado bearing rotor design. The starting pressure is smaller, the speed is faster, the cleaning effect is better, and it can withstand a certain pressure to ensure stable performance and high reliability.
  • High-quality materials- The sprayer is made of brass nozzles and high-density polyethylene bottles to ensure its durability and reliability. The surface is hardened and designed for strong cleaning and long-term use.