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Fochutech Car Cleaning Kit, Car Cleaning Gun, Pneumatic Car Cleaner, Vacuuming Car Wash Gun, Dust Cleaner Car Detailing Kit

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  • Two-in-One Car Interior Detailing Kit, Dollar-and-Time Saver in Car Cleaning-As classic car wash gun, born with 2 inherent Functions: Mist-spraying and Air Blowing, could atomize soap, water, and air finely and dispenses them under high pressure, and produce enormous power to clean hard and soft surface and spray the cleaning solution into the gap that you cannot reach with your hands.② Innovative Vacuuming Function for deep car cleaning.
  • Professional Pneumatic Car Wash Kit-Fochutech Car Spray Gun works with your air compressor to release dirt and grime promptly from fabrics, carpet, and solid surfaces, and connect to vacuum cleaner to suck and removes the released stains quickly, but lower consumption of the cleaning chemicals. Works better than any other interior car cleaner, such as car detailing brush, car vacuum cleaner, small duster, and car cleaning wipes.
  • More User-Friendly Car Cleaning Gun-Fochutech Car Wash Gun is superior to the other brands due to its 〝ADVANCED〞: ① 45 º Beveled design Brush, Easy to Operate and touch corner-and-crevice dirt with ease. ② Different from the oscillating tip, Fochutech hot-wheel like a tip, more durable, could spray water evenly to clean deeply. ③ Extra Vacuuming Function and Air Adjustable Valve, More Comfortable to Use car detailing products.(More Details, please check P6)
  • Your Creativity Depends On its Potential-To be a great Car interior cleaning kit, the car dust remover is used widely in cleaning door jams, wool/leather car upholstery, cup holders, dashboard, consoles, shifters, steering wheel door panels, carpet, floor mats, seat belt, wheel surface, the surface of the tire, etc. But Do not limit it in car cleaning, A great home cleaning helper as well.
  • EASY TO USE-The car upholstery cleaning gun is an advanced high-pressure cleaning tool For car quick clean, Only 5 steps to clean your car 1. Add water or cleaning fluid 2. Connect to the pump and vacuum cleaner. 3. Install the brush, vacuuming transparent nozzle, or both. 4. Glide the valve. 5. Pull the trigger and start your cleaning.