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OREDY Front Struts Driver and Passenger Side 2PCS Shocks Struts Complete Struts Shock Coil Spring Assembly Kit

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  • Ready to Install: No special tools required! Just Remove and replace the complete strut assembly in one piece. Each complete strut assembly is designed and tuned for vehicle specific applications.
  • Replace Complete Strut Assembly NO#: 11290 55S11290 G57118 SR4203 1345557 9214-0125 171103 853318 D171103
  • Design with premium hollow Bumper prevents component against damage when the suspension bottoms out, and the durable Strut Dust Boot protects the strut rod and seal from dirt and debris.
  • Spring seats insulated to springs ensure quiet and comfortable ride quality, All components manufactured in high quality,Fully loaded complete assemblies is safe and easy to install.