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Vesafe TPMS, Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System for RV

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  • VESAFE tire pressure monitoring system is designed to work on all types and styles of recreational vehicles, including motor home, travel trailer, auto, 5th wheel, etc., It is a safety tool to help drivers understand when their tires are approaching an unsafe conditions, including under-inflation, over-inflation, over-heated and fast leakage.
  • This system supports up to 10 tires in the front vehicle and 7 tires in the towed vehicle. Both vehicles can be operated to disconnected or connected. Users can set the standard driving pressure for each axle, and the alarm will be triggered if the pressure is 20% higher or 10% lower than the preset standard pressure. The alarm can be eliminated by pressing any button, however, the LED light will continue to flash until the pressure is restored to the acceptable pressure.
  • The tire pressure sensors placed on the valve stems of the tires send a wireless signal to the display monitor mounted in the cab every 5 minutes, however, it transmits immediately if there is any abnormal condition happened. Drivers don’t need to stare at the display during driving. It will give audible and visible alert if something wrong with the tire.
  • The pressure range of the sensor is 0-188PSI, with an expected battery life of 2 years. And it’s only 18grams and it will not affect the tire balance. Users can simply replace the battery in the sensor when the display indicate low battery icon on the monitor.