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YVO Car Cleaning Gun Automotive Interior Pneumatic Clean Washing Blowing Dust Gun

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  • ADJUSTABLE PRESSURE: Adjust the pressure as you need, which other cleaning guns can't achieve. Easily wash away the dust and dirt on the car with no more wet clothes.
  • STRONG DETERGENCY: With bio-lipid-reducing properties, just a spray and a wipe, can remove the stain between various seams between the seats, carpets, door layering with carpets, leather, velvet, etc.
  • THICKENED KETTLE & HIGH-QUALITY COPPER PIECES: Durable, resistant to the collision, anti-rust; Thickened bottom, no feeling of lightweight front-heavy behind.
  • HIGHER EFFECTIVE & LESS NOISE: This advanced cleaning gun has been improved, which increased power but reduced air consumption and noise.
  • MULTIFUNCTION: As a wash gun to wash your car, bicycle, motorbike, yard ground, swimming pool, beach chair, glass, wall, etc; As a watering can to water your flowers and grass.