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Zento Deals 2 Pack of Black Car Console Seat Side Coin Holder Cup Holder Storage Organizer

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  • ORGANIZER- The Zento Deals Console Item Organizers manufactured to make your life more convenient. It has storage pockets to holds your hand sanitizer, sunglasses, keys, wallet, and closer to your body.
  • BEVERAGE HOLDER- TheZento Deals Console Item Organizer has a special design to hold your bottled drinks in a very accessible, strong, and nice holder.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY -TheZento Deals Console Item Organizer is wisely manufactured with a premium quality Leather and Wood plus Stainless Steel materials to ensures its durability for long time usage.
  • EASY TO ATTACH - The Zento Deals Console Item Organizer will attach easily. Simply place it between the center console and the seat, if there is a wide space between your seat and the console-this item comes with two adhesive pads, so use it to attach to the plywood for a nice and snug fit.
  • SMART DESIGN- The Zento Deals Console Item Organizer is a must-have car accessory for those who are always caring for small things such as smartphones, wallets, coins, keys, cigarettes, bottled drinks, etc. to keep things organized while traveling for easy access without hassle.